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What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a simple method to make profit. You simply buy a cryptocurrency cheap in one market and sell it simultaneously in another market more expensive. Transact the coins back to the exchange where you started. That's it. But keep in mind that on any exchange exist transaction fees which lower your profit. And this is the point were it gets more complicated and that's why we have created this website. To make your businesses more comfortable.

How it works.

It's easy. Use the compare function to list all exchanges which offer an interesting currency pair and have a look where you can buy it for cheap and sell it more expensive. Once you have found a currency pair use the calculator. Just type in the prices of the coins you want to trade with. Type in which fees there exist and how much you invest. The calculator will do the work for you.

With our easy to use tool you can compare different exchanges and their prices in almost no time. Click on the table to sort the prices and then select two exchanges via the checkboxes on the left side.
After checking out the prices open our calculator, fill in all the parameters and see whether you will make profit or not. Let us just now all neccessary values e.g. fees.
Once our calculator has given you literally green light start trading and have a look how much profit you will make in a certain time. Happy trading and good luck!

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